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A Girl’s Journey: There's No Crying In Baseball is based upon my daughter’s experience in becoming the first female baseball player at her middle school in San Francisco, California. In addition that, she became the first female baseball player to ever play in a SFUSD Boys Middle School Baseball Championship and ultimately she became the first female player to ever play on a SFUSD Middle School Boys Championship Baseball Team in 2013. This ground-breaking life event was written for the purpose of teaching children and families about fortitude, integrity, gender roles and the concept of team.


The world has undergone such drastic changes in how gender roles are formulated and shaped within the last couple of decades. Women have made great strides in civil, academic and professional arenas, however many areas remain male-dominated. Even with the 2014 success of Mo’ne Davis, the first girl to earn a win and to pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series, a girl’s road in this male dominated sport is riddled with bumps and bruises. A Girl’s Journey: There's No Crying In Baseball is written to illustrate how destructive bullying and antiquated stereotypes can be, as well as how growth and strength comes from hard work and perseverance when a girl decides do something out of the "normal confines of society and she decides she wants to play baseball.”


This book is 32-pages long (the story is 24 pages). It includes 24 illustrations 12 site words, 18 challenge words, and 5 open-ended discussion questions and 1898 words to share with children to engage them in a discussion. 


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