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At dinner Mom, Dad, Leiyah and her brothers: Peyton and Naim, talked about her decision to play baseball instead of softball.


Her brother Peyton said, “Yeah, you should try out. You are better than half the guys who are trying out anyway.”


Her older brother Naim was concerned and really wanted to support her decision to play, but he also knew that it would be rough and that she may not get the support she needed from her team. “I wish you would play with the girls. We know that you can play baseball, but it would just be easier to play softball and you wouldn’t have to fight so hard to be accepted.”


Leiyah looked sad, when her brother told her to play softball, then Naim said, “But I support your decision to play baseball. You have to remember you are going to deal with some mean kids. Boys are not going to be nice just because you are a girl. Your team doesn’t have to like or accept you because you are a girl. Everyday you will have to prove yourself. Remember the most important rule – THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!”

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